Mobility reinvented – in harmony with nature.

Shaping the traffic turnaround with a new propulsion

Drive digitalisation forward
Strengthen the economy
and boost demand
Reinvent logistics
Reduce CO2 emissions to
a minimum worldwide
What must
new transport

Maintain individual mobility
Significantly reduce city traffic
Reinvent infrastructure
Protect the environment

Welcome to the new sky age.


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Vortifer® creates opportunities

Vortifer is a new propulsion concept that will create tremendous opportunities for the aviation and automotive industries, logistics companies and ultimately also policy makers to tackle the massive challenges linked to mobility with a totally new technology.

Vortifer could turn out to be a key driver for Europe’s future as a business location.

Environmental protection, fewer CO2 emissions, the reorganisation of transport systems, digital transformation – all against the background of technological progress, emerging industries and a highly demand-driving product with the potential to easily eclipse the smartphone boom in terms of volume.

Vortifer is open to all technologies and all energy sources

Rather than focusing exclusively on electric motors in the present situation, fossil combustion engines could instead be deployed with much greater efficiency for a transitional period in combination with Vortifer until such time as new technologies become available in this field (hydrogen, synthetic fluids, etc.).

In view of the raw materials that are required (rare earths) and the difficulty of extracting them, electric mobility should be no more than a temporary solution.

Become a part of our vision

Vortifer® enables solutions with untold possibilities and functionalities for tomorrow’s challenges. Developed in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in southern Germany, two of Europe’s leading centres of innovation.

Vortifer® has the potential not only to revolutionise aviation but also to completely reinvent mobility and logistics in harmony with the environment.

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