The innovative propulsion concept for tomorrow’s transport and mobility needs.

The patent pending Vortifer® propulsion system unites all the advantages of known flight principles – without the drawbacks.

High efficiency due to lift principle

Huge potential reduction in CO2 emissions and energy consumption

Flexibility in material use

The harmonious design enables lightweight construction and the optional use of recyclable materials.

Much more lift reserve than a helicopter

The greater lift reserve with exactly the same motor output can be utilised for:

  • Vertical acceleration
  • Horizontal movement
  • Additional load
  • Longer flight times

Vortifer® – How it works

Vortifer® exploits the interaction of the motor output, the flow velocity and the optimally adapted disc geometry.

In combination with so-called “wall jet effects” this results in a three-dimensional toroidal vortex underneath the disc.

The vortex is reminiscent of a horizontal tornado and is responsible for the disc’s stable flying ability, very good manoeuvrability and exceptional energy efficiency, because in contrast to helicopters or multicopters it works with recirculating air.

German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

Simulation studies commissioned from the DLR
demonstrate the lift principle and confirm its efficiency.

Technical University Ingolstadt (THI)

Test bed, metrological verification
under the guidance of Professor Özger

Mobility reinvented.
A glimpse into the future with Vortifer®

The new Vortifer® propulsion concept creates tremendous opportunities, especially for the aviation and automotive industries, to tackle the multiple challenges of the next few decades with a totally new technology.

Integration into new mobility concepts.

Vortifer® can be successively introduced into existing structures. On the roads or in aviation, it could turn out to be the driver of a new mobility world. Vortifer® is open to all technologies and offers revolutionary possibilities for ideas and concepts in the automotive and digital industries.

Become a part of our vision

Vortifer® enables solutions with untold possibilities and functionalities for tomorrow’s challenges. Developed in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in southern Germany, two of Europe’s leading centres of innovation.

Vortifer® has the potential not only to revolutionise aviation but also to completely reinvent mobility and logistics in harmony with the environment.

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